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7 months ago

Former Machachari TV show actor  Ian Munene alias Almasi has urged upcoming artists to do what they know best and ignore their haters.

Almasi who was speaking about dealing with hate on his YouTube channel dubbed IAN NENE said he has in the past year been a victim of cyber bullying and has learnt how to deal with it.


                                                                               Former actor Almasi.Photo/ classic105

 “Anytime you try to rise to the top, there is always going to be people trying to bring you down. If someone is not saying it to your face and using a social media platform to tell you something bad or something rude or negative then don’t pay attention to it they don’t have the bold to say it on your face.  

If someone truly means something negative they should have the confidence to say it to your face. If someone is talking badly about you on social media and then when you meet they don’t say, that simply means they don’t have the bolls to say it on your face.

They are hiding behind a profile, they are hiding behind an account, and they are hiding behind something that they think they cannot be judged, at the end of the day if it is something that they cannot tell you then you do not have to care about it at all.

People will choose to bring you down when they see that they don’t have the bolls to do what you are trying to do and that you are not doing what other people are doing,” he said

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