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K24 News Anchor and Reporter Tonny Timase has been  accused of  rapping a university student over the weekend.

The lady, who works at a beauty shop along Kiambu road told a local media house  that she was introduced to the journalist through a friend with the aim of promoting her business.

She then met Timase at Jacaranda along Thika Road and he refused to disclose the destination where he was taking her.

“Tony picked me at Jacaranda along Thika Road on Saturday evening at around 8.00 PM. I asked him where we were going and he said that is a surprise. I stayed claim and we arrived at a city hotel at around 9.00 PM. I do not remember what exactly happened after that. I just found myself at a stage full with soo many boda boda operators. I then called one of my friends who came to my rescue,” she said.


The journalist however dismissed claims that he shagged the woman during the weekend.

“I mean this is the craziest allegation I have ever heard. This is not true. In fact I do not know a person by that name, I have never met such a person. On Saturday night, I was watching UCL Finals Pitting Liverpool against Real Madrid with my friend and my girlfriend, after that we went to Kengeles pub,” Timase defended him self

He recorded a statement at a Nairobi based police station yesterday regarding the issue.


Screenshots of the conversation between Timase and the lady as seen by ventsiri show that the two met over the weekend despite the fact that Timase denied.

“Jana who took me home? And did we do anything odd? Haha!”The lady asked Timase

This is what Timase said in response.

“Sweets si you took a cab. Sina gari saa hii. When it’s fixed I will be dropping you always. I actually wanted to keep you till morning,” he said.

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