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Celebrated Gospel musician Julius Owino alias Juliani will soon release a song that reveals his relationship status.

Juliani was speaking during an interview with a Kiss 100 presenter refused to say whether he and the sassy Brenda Wairimu are still an item.

“There is no official position with our relationship and Mybe everyone is right with what they think about us,”

Juliani also called on everyone to be humble especially when dating.

I have a song that will reveal to you guys whether we are still dating or not but as far as what I have learned is human beings have ego. Binadamu hujidai ana, until you get them in hospital sick or dead. It is high time we humble ourselves especially in relationships and avoid including ego

Brenda and Juliani relationship

Actress Brenda Wairimu has been married to the gospel hip hop artist for more than five years and the two are blessed with one child.

Brenda Wairimu and Husband Juliani

                                                                                Actress Brenda Wairimu. COURTESY

They at first kept their dating life private including that of their child.

However, things seem to be going downhill following sentiments made by both regarding their marriage.

Speaking during an interview with Kalekye Mumo on Talk Central, Brenda said she should not be called Julian’s baby mama since she has established her own brand and name thorough acting.

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