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BerthaLutome made a post
7 months ago

Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe as many know her is a lady who eats life with a big spoon.

She makes headlines through the sexy photos posted on her Instagram page, including where she travels to.

However, her recent trip to Monaco has got Kenyans talking and they managed to unveil the old mzungu alledged to have sponsored taken her for the vacation. 


Huddah in Monaco. COURTESY

According to a post seen by Ventsiri on a facebook page dubbed Chit chat for Nairobi mums, one creative social media user posted a photo of the socialite with the same white man, making many belive that he is the person behind the successful and lovely trip.

The social media user asked Huddah to be honest and stop lying to young ladies about the millions she has.

Ebu see the photos below.

Huddah 2


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