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7 months ago

Renowned actress Jacqueline Nyamide alias Wilbroda has spilled the beans to the public  stating that her house manager was breastfeeding her 8 months baby.

Wilbroda who was speaking to parent’s magazine said the house help did so to stop the baby from crying when the mother was out for work.

“When my son was around 8 months old, I had to travel to Mombasa on a work assignment and so I left him under the care of a nanny whom I had trusted so much. While in Mombasa, I received an anonymous call from a person who informed me that my house help breastfed my son whenever he cried,” Wilboda told parents

The Papa Shirandula actress learnt about the incident while in a trip at the coast.

She took the baby for testing at the hospital and sent the house help parking the next day.

“I didn’t sleep that night and had to rush to the hospital around midnight to have my son tested. Luckily he was fine. To cut the long story short I fired the nanny the following day. It took immense self-control to restrain myself from harming her.” She said

Wilbroda is also a radio presenter and an MC.

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