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BerthaLutome made a post
7 months ago

A 30 year old student of the Kitale Technical Polytechnic has developed a small solar powered car that covers 50 Kilometers a day.

Samuel Karumbo, an innovator designed the car at a garage based in Langas, Eldoret town, a move that supports the use of clean energy to protect the environment.


According to Karumbo, the four wheeled car weighs approximately 120 kilograms and uses three solar panels of 260 watts.

“I am really looking forward to that time when the government will promote the use of clean energy. I really want the ministry of energy to use 100% of renewable energy from sources like geothermal, tidal waves, solar, wind and municipal waste,” he said

He is also appealing to the government to grant him support.


 â€œMy prayer is that the government will support me so that I can put up a very big garage where I will create more solar cars and even employ the youths. The cars will then be sold to Kenyans so that we can get rid of fuel emissions on our roads that has great effect to our environment,” he concluded

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